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All products are original painting , only one!

Hang on your wall with the hook.

Payment is Paypal. (credit card OK)

Delivery is EMS of Japan post service to send to the foreign as the air express.(about 1 week)

Read the Attention about Product & Trade , at this under!

: Customers may be imposed customs duties on this purchase.
Please confirm some duties of your country.
Then you must pay the duties , as else of the product price.
(It is differnce at each countries.)
: Repay and Returning goods are impossible.
(but Repay is OK if it is before products are send. Please e-mail then.)
: When you buy ,
if you also have the room number in your address ,
please write your room number in your adress description.
Please write your own house or room adress , not company's one ,
not else anyone adress.

: Don't place paintings in high humidity & sun-beam.
: Don't hang the painting on the soft wall.
: Put the painting on the wall parallelly along that wall. Without slanting.
: Be careful not to fall of the painting.
: Don't use with the dangerous way!
: Be carefull to the people or things under the painting.
: I won't(can't) take responsibilities ,
if you are injured with the products
while you use with danger how to use.

I always pray our good trades. Thank you!

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