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A la prima for oil painting technique of wet in wet

A la prima is a painting technique to paint colors directly at once , while colors is wet.

The traditional painting technique is to paint colors on dryed colors. It is repeated many times , until the painting is finished.

Mainly this word is for oil and acrylic color.
This word called 'A la prima' is Italian.
There is a same meaning word called 'wet in wet' in English. It means to paint wet colors on wet colors , while those colors are blended. This word is for oil , acrylic , water color etc.

A la prima is to paint colors thickly. And it is to paint quickly. It makes clear brush strokes and thick colors called "Impast".

Most famous A la prima painting artists are impressionists. They are 19th French artists. Before 19th A la prima painting was practice works. The impressionists get people to admit A la prima painting as the official painting works , with their imppressionism art movement.

A la prima painting is often painted without the medium. It is used only the petroleum or the turpentine , and linseed oil or poppy oil a little. And it is painted with some bristle hard brushes. To the canvas directly.

A la prima painting is a powerful painting. Like the time flows in the painting.