how to acrylic

how to acrylic color

Need tools
acrylic colors(5-12colors)
(red, yellow, green blue, blue purple, purple, orcher, brown, black, white)
nylon brush(5-10brush)
paper palette
water & bottle(to wash)
cloth(to wash brush)
paper or canvas
varnish for acrylic

Acrylic is very fast drying. So brush always need to wash with water.

Acrylic on oil is danger. acrylic takes off from canvas.

Dont dry acrylic less than 5 degree. It doesn't dry good.

Don't put something on painting. Drying acrylic glues sometimes in high temperature.

And when you finish to paint , you can paint an acrylic varnish to finish. Your painting can be more stronger for UV light etc.