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How to sharpen a pencil

It gonna cut this pencil because my pencil has become to be too short. It is not-used and half.

Prepare a short knife.
This is ancient Japan knife named Higo no kami. Everything of knife is OK , if it is able to cut the pencil. It is easy to use single blade because you can push back of the knife to cut.

While keep holding pencil of part of black(hardness) with left(or right)hand , push the knife to out of yourself.
Keep your safe push to out of yourself.

You cut pencil core about 80%.

And cut the pencil core softly to be shap.

It is enough to write a word.

You could cut the core more with sand paper to be core of beautiful cone. It is so cool.

When you cut , soft core pencil is easy to cut , but core is easy to break. So be careful.
Be careful to keep safe of your body when you cut the pencil.